Anamma meat replacements. Recipe ideas and a short review.

For some time now Lithuanian vegans have been mentioning the Swedish word “Anamma“. “Anamma“ are frozen meat replacements, which are now sold here. 4 different types of “meats“ are available here. I tried all of them so here are my thoughts.

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Vegan Poland. A Short Guide.

Since I just came back from a short trip to Poland, I decided to share some of my experiences here. I have already shared most of these photos on my Instagram stories (time to follow me on IG!), so I’ll just talk a bit more about them here. This time I visited Warsaw and Gdansk with my family. It was my second my second time in Warsaw. I went there around 1.5 years ago and it already was so vegan friendly! Now it got even better!

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New menu at “Alive”

The first plant-based fine dining restaurant in Vilnius opened in December. Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to try their whole new menu for late winter. For the menu, they combined late fall and early spring produce. The new menu will be available in the restaurant starting the 6th February. Here are the new dishes:

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What I Ate Today #2

Two weeks ago I shared what I eat on a weekend, and now you’ll see what I ate on a weekday when I go to uni. Enjoy!

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What I Ate Today #1

I often watch what I eat in a day videos, so I thought that I want to make one myself. I did that on Saturday (October 1st). I didn’t have many plans that day, I mostly worked on my university stuff. So you can see, what I ate on such a day.

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